Coronator Onsite

Latest updates in technology and work with the instructor directly during the course

What will you learn from CORONATOR?

The unique and practical approach to training by completing a personal project from start to finish helps students learn and improve continuously under the coach’s guidance. Each student will develop his or her assignment based on a real-life architectural project. It is not only about reproducing real photos to build up one’s performance in photorealism but also experimenting with various compositions, lighting setups, different moods & tones to learn and explore in Art Direction role. Possibilities are endless and students will learn how to bring out the best in architecture through Archviz.

1. Introduction to Corona Render
2. How to convert from Vray scenes to Corona
3 Render in “photographic” way: Corona Camera/ Exposure/Tone Mapping Setup
4. Corona Interactive
5. DOF/Motion Blur: Explanation in Photography and how to setup in Corona Render
6. Homework

1. Composition in Architectural Photography
2. Understanding Digital Camera: F-number/ Shutterspeed
3. How to compose a Camera View
4. How to model from photos: Perspective Match
5. Homework

Lighting Theory Corona Sun & Corona Sky
1. Lighting Theory, Elements and Balance
2. Corona Sun +Corona Sky: How to setup
3. Practice
4. Homework

1. Lighting Setup with HDRI
2. Different Lights Source in Corona Renderer & How to use
3. Homework

Special Lighting Effects
1. Volumetric
2. Dappled Lights
3. Homework

Itoo Forest I
1. Introduction to Itoo Forest
2. Geometry
3. Distributrion Map
4. Transform
5. Area/ Falloff/ Paint Area
6. Surface/Camera/Tree Editor
7. Homework

Itoo Railclone
1. Introduction to Itoo Railclone
2. Segment
3. Geometry
4. Examples
5. Homework

Materials Overview
1. Introduction to Materials & What is the most important factors to realistic shader
2. Indepth explanation & How to setup correctly: Diffuse
3. Indepth explanation & How to setup correctly: Reflection
4. Indepth explanation & How to setup correctly: Bump/Displace
5. Homework

Mix/Composite/Corona Layered Mtl
1. Mix
2. Composite
3. Corona Layers Mtl
4. How to achieve realistic fresnel for Reflection and Glossiness using Corona Layers
5. Homework

Fabrics Mtl
1. Plain Fabrics
2. Silk
3. Velvet
4. Special Fabrics using Corona Layers/Displace
5. Homework

Metal Material
1. Chrome/ Steel/ Aluminum
2. Gold/ Cooper
3. Brushed Steel
4. Anisotropy
5. Homework

Corona AO
1. Concrete Materials
2. Corona AO How to setup
3. Examples using Corona AO: dirt effects worn edges old brass sculptures
4. Homework

Translucent Mtl

Work With The Instructor


Coronator Onsite

◆ Duration: ten days
◆ ‍Content: same as the online course
◆ ‍Latest updates in technology
◆ Work with the instructor directly during the course
◆ Take place in our training center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
◆ This course provides a complete solution for creating vast areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground-cover, rocks and more.

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What our
students say

Naresh Mistry
Naresh MistryWork at Concepteurs Studio
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I got lucky to meet Mr. Dzung, a very very dedicated man towards the training & in his professional life. You can learn a lot by his commitments.World-class environment to improve your corona skills with all the latest technology & very very important knowledge. During the training program, I was allowed to focus on my project, and no side burdens no other commitments & that is what makes a significant big difference. A commitment needed if you want to learn something valuable & the best thing is knowing that when you get stuck somewhere in your practice, you immediately going to get the solution from the instructor.
ManikantanCoronator Onsite 04
Read More
Deciding to come to Vietnam for the course was the best experience I have ever had. You had to put 100% of energy and passion in every work and during 10 days of the course, Mr. Dzung helped me to improve my skill with the latest update of knowledge. I have learned a lot, I hope that I will have a chance to come back 4pixos in the near future.
Kumaran Sathiyamoorthy
Kumaran SathiyamoorthyCoronator Onsite 04
Read More
India - Former Project manager at Formative Studio
The photographic approach in the course was simply amazing and helped me to learn a lot of new things. During my course, Mr. Dexter patiently cleared my doubts and shared some important tips to produce good quality renders. With his experience, you will learn different approaches to work on the project.
Special thanks to the people in 4pixos they were simply very sweet and supportive. Overall it's a very positive atmosphere to learn.
Thiyagu Arjunan
Thiyagu ArjunanCoronator Onsite 04
Read More
India - Worked at Rendersoft
The course helped me to have strong confidence in how to approach any project. Though the course was very tough at first, I was curious about the entire process and wanted to give my best.
All my questions were answered patiently and the class interaction is very good. Mr. Dexter is very knowledgeable, friendly and provided a wealth of information that has helped me grow professionally. His way of approaching any project is amazing!
‍In the end, seeing our output result as a print medium is something great and joyful. Priceless moment!


A comfortable month of living in Ho Chi Minh City costs 800USD, including accommodation, food, and transportation. It would be better to look for a house nearby 4pixos Academy in Phu Nhuan District. We advise using Airbnb to get the best deal. When you contact us, our student care staff will give you personalized advice.

Due to the limited seats and exclusivity of the course, you will receive a 50% refund if you cancel 10–20 days before the commencement of the course. If you cancel your reservation less than 10 days before the start, we are unable to offer a refund. Please get in touch with us if there are any very serious occurrences, including accidents or illnesses. Please contact us at:

Only the following situations will result in a tuition refund from 4pixos Academy:

  1. The center postponed classes and opened late.
  2. Because of epidemics, natural calamities, etc.
  3. Situations involving one’s health (requires hospital paper for confirmation).
  4. In a few other unique situations, you should take advice from the academic department.

With the exception of the aforementioned situations, 4pixos Academy will not offer any type of tuition refund.