A design containing technical terms will be difficult for everyone to understand your project idea clearly. Therefore, creating a story using visual images will help you present your project easily, providing an overall picture of how your idea will look like in the real world. A realistic experience combined with a good storyline will attract attention and create a lasting impression on viewers.

To create a suitable story for your project, belows are some points that we can learn about the art of storytelling

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is an art of constructing a story using words, images, videos,… to evoke emotions and empathy from viewers with the project message in an easy and natural way.

How does storytelling change the way to present a project?

Using only rendered images to present a project is not enough to illustrate and convey the project’s ideas, story, or purpose. Meanwhile, you can easily guide viewers through each stage of the project and attract their attention by creating a storyline for architectural visualization videos. In this way, viewers can also vividly feel the project’s ideas. Furthermore, the combination of storytelling and 3D visualization models is the most effective way to present a project because it allows viewers to interact with the models and see not only the main project but also surrounding areas from all angles. This brings closeness, giving viewers a sense of real-life experience in the project.

Benefits of using storytelling to present a project

Easier discussion with clients or investors

Technical specifications will be extremely complicated to explain on a computer or on paper, so 3D architectural visualization combined with storytelling helps clients or investors easily imagine what their ideas will look like in reality. Additionally, they can quickly respond and make changes in time without having to wait until the entire project is completed.

Bring the project idea story closer to viewers

Through images or videos, the story behind the project will be portrayed more clearly, and viewers will have a more intuitive view, making it easier for them to feel

Viewers could freely explore the project

A well-presented project with a storyline will somewhat help you answer viewers’ questions about the project, from which customers will have a clear understanding of the project. These real-life experiences and interactions will strengthen communication relationships with customers.

Create a unique style clearly different from competitive counterparts

Each author has their own storytelling style, creating a unique story for each project. The better the storytelling, the more successful your project will be.

It can be said that telling stories through 3D architectural visualization has revolutionized the way architects/visualizers collaborate and present their projects to customers. As a result, storytelling has quickly become the most popular way to present projects.