Chaos Vantage

Vantage is a lastest 3D rendering software from Chaos designed to provide users with a more comprehensive tool and solution for quality and speed.

What will you learn from Chaos Vantage?

Chaos Vantage is a lastest 3D rendering software from Chaos designed to provide users with a more comprehensive tool and solution for quality and speed. The Vantage course is based on the strengths of Chaos Vantage and helps process detailed V-Ray scenes in real time. The features available in Vantage make it easy to create good layouts and render relistic artworks with just a few simple steps, optimizing individual and team workflows and enabling direct editing and immediate feedback with clients. The toolset and workflow are designed to be convenient for updating design changes and adjustments. In addition, it is easy to create high-quality draft animations, walkthroughs, recorded cameras, and final animations with speeds super fast than the some other engines.

  • Overview of Chaos Vantage and its features
  • Workflow from Corona to V-Ray to Vantage
  • Homework
  • Introduction to Livelink and its benefits
  • Workflow for making changes in the 3ds max – Vray while utilizing Vantage for rendering, including animation capabilities
  • Homework
  • Introduction to Camera Scene State functionality in Chaos Vantage
  • Creating and managing camera scene states
  • Using camera scene states to save, load, and render each camera with different lighting, tone mood, object, material, and output size without changing them manually one by one.
  • Homework
  • Introducing the basic animation workflow
  • Setting up camera, lighting, material, object animation in Chaos Vantage.
  • Homework
  • Post production (Photoshop)
  • Providing feedback on the homework assignments completed by the participants
  • Addressing any questions or challenges faced during the course
  • Offering additional guidance and tips for optimizing workflow and achieving desired results in Chaos Vantage.


◆ Duration: 7 days
◆ Time: 2.5 hours / session
◆ ‍Flatform: Google meet
◆ Work with the instructor directly during the course
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It’s requiring at least i7, RTX 6GB V-ram graphics card, and 32GB of RAM

In addition, the application propose platforms that can be supported as below

  • Chaos Vantage works with .vrscene files extracted from V-Ray Next, V-Ray 5, and V-Ray 6.
  • Users should use V-Ray 5 or later for a better experience.
  • Chaos Vantage works with direct links from 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino, ect.
  • If you use Corona, you just need to convert your file to V-ray.
  • Real-time 3D project navigation and exploration.
  • Explore and control V-Ray scenes in real-time with a 100% ray tracing environment so that reducing rendering time.
  • Drag and drop V-Ray scenes into Chaos Vantage without installation.
  • Chaos Vantage is built to handle large and detailed scenes.
  • It is the fastest solution for processing detailed V-Ray scenes in real-time.
  • Use cameras, materials, and physically-based lighting simulation systems to produce the most realistic results.
  • Direct editing and instant feedback are suitable for 3D concept building work.

Don’t worry! Not only in class, we have a private page that supporting students outside of your class time. All the instruction will be specifically instructed by your study manager at 4pixos Academy.

What our
students say

Naresh Mistry
Naresh MistryWork at Concepteurs Studio
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I got lucky to meet Mr. Dzung, a very very dedicated man towards the training & in his professional life. You can learn a lot by his commitments.World-class environment to improve your corona skills with all the latest technology & very very important knowledge. During the training program, I was allowed to focus on my project, and no side burdens no other commitments & that is what makes a significant big difference. A commitment needed if you want to learn something valuable & the best thing is knowing that when you get stuck somewhere in your practice, you immediately going to get the solution from the instructor.
ManikantanCoronator Onsite 04
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Deciding to come to Vietnam for the course was the best experience I have ever had. You had to put 100% of energy and passion in every work and during 10 days of the course, Mr. Dzung helped me to improve my skill with the latest update of knowledge. I have learned a lot, I hope that I will have a chance to come back 4pixos in the near future.
Kumaran Sathiyamoorthy
Kumaran SathiyamoorthyCoronator Onsite 04
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India - Former Project manager at Formative Studio
The photographic approach in the course was simply amazing and helped me to learn a lot of new things. During my course, Mr. Dexter patiently cleared my doubts and shared some important tips to produce good quality renders. With his experience, you will learn different approaches to work on the project.
Special thanks to the people in 4pixos they were simply very sweet and supportive. Overall it's a very positive atmosphere to learn.
Thiyagu Arjunan
Thiyagu ArjunanCoronator Onsite 04
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India - Worked at Rendersoft
The course helped me to have strong confidence in how to approach any project. Though the course was very tough at first, I was curious about the entire process and wanted to give my best.
All my questions were answered patiently and the class interaction is very good. Mr. Dexter is very knowledgeable, friendly and provided a wealth of information that has helped me grow professionally. His way of approaching any project is amazing!
‍In the end, seeing our output result as a print medium is something great and joyful. Priceless moment!