Art Direction w AI

Art Direction w AI is not just a course about using AI tools; more importantly, it emphasizes aesthetic thinking in the age of technology.


Art Direction w AI is not just a course about using AI tools, but more importantly, it’s about aesthetic thinking in the age of technology.

A common misconception often encountered is that if we only hear about AI in the media, we might think that using AI is very easy, just a few mouse clicks and we’ll have a beautiful product. However, if we delve into research and practical experience, we will find that to create truly outstanding and high-quality products, you need to master the following two important factors:

  1. A solid foundation in aesthetics.
  2. High-level proficiency in controlling and manipulating tools.

With 10 years of experience in architectural visualization training, 4pixos Academy has devoted considerable time to researching AI and contemplating the creation of a course that isn’t just following trends, but truly serves to benefit you in your professional career, drawing from firsthand experiences applying AI to real projects at 4pixos Studio.

This course is tailored specifically for you if you already have basic knowledge of 3D software (such as 3Ds Max, Sketchup, Blender, …) and aspire to use AI to:

  • Optimizing the visualization process: saving rendering time, faster workflow, ability to generate more concepts,…
  • Knowing how to harness the creative power of AI to create aesthetically pleasing works that meet your own desires and client requirements, through: 
    • Knowledge of aesthetic thinking.
    • Enhancing control ability through understanding the parameters, customization options of AI, and how to integrate with traditional techniques.
  • Guidance to develop practical skills and apply them to work.
  • Gain insights into the profession from successful individuals in the industry: trends, changes in the visualization field, and career development opportunities in visualization.


  • How to Use Stable Diffusion on Google Colab
  • Introduction to Stable Diffusion Overview
  • Understanding Model Checkpoint and Efficient Checkpoint Utilization
  • Txt2img Feature
    • Writing Prompts: Prompt & Negative Promp
    • Sampling method 
    • Resolution limitations
    • Sampling steps
    • Denoising strength
    • Seed
    • CFG scale
  • Learning about ControlNet
  • Practice the knowledge from sessions 1 and 2 with hand sketches, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, text, current state photos, etc.
  • Art Direction: Aesthetic foundation covering layout, lighting, color, effects, etc.
  • Using AI to alter mood & tone
  • Using AI to create layouts with an iconic feel
  • Practice the knowledge from session 4
  • How to integrate people with AI
  • Aesthetic thinking to incorporate people into artworks
  • The process from concept art to 3D implementation
  • Upscale 
  • Practice
  • Creating diagrams
  • Close-up bokeh
  • Course Summary & Final Project Review