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Arch viz is the perfect combination of technology and art. Therefore, to keep up with trends and improve works, Archviz Artists should enlist a powerful assistant like Chaos Vantage. This is a technology that allows users to explore, control and process V-Ray scenes instantly with a 100% ray tracing environment to minimize rendering time.

About Chaos Vantage

V-Ray GPU is a rendering engine with full features, few limitations and very fast rendering times. However, this rendering tool still does not meet the expectations of Archviz Artists in terms of both quality and speed. This is the premise for the birth of Project Lavina, the beta version of Chaos Vantage (2018), which broke all limits in terms of time and quality, optimizing the workflow for V-ray users, and opening a new chapter in the Arch viz industry.

At that time, CONSTRUCT was still animating characters at a speed of 24 frames per second with hardware worth over $250,000, and shortly thereafter Lavina was born with full ray tracing capabilities and even higher fidelity with just an RTX worth about $1,000, processing raw data in real-time.

After the testing phase, Project Lavina was officially renamed to Chaos Vantage in 2020.

What is Chaos Vantage used for?

Chaos Vantage is widely used by Artists at leading studios around the world, thanks to its ability to:

  • Explore designs to self-evaluate or evaluate internally with the team
  • Assess designs and present them to supervisors or clients.
  • Minimize editing processes and quickly make final decisions for designs.
  • Quickly render images or videos, allowing designers to present their ideas with the highest quality and persuasion.

Notable features of Vantage

Chaos Vantage has made a dramatic change in the working process of Archviz Artists thanks to its outstanding features:

  • Zero Setup: Drag and drop your V-Ray scene into Chaos Vantage and start exploring.
  • Realtime – 100% ray tracing: Process V-Ray’s gigantic, billions of polygons scenes in real-time. Use cameras, lighting, materials, and physically-based light simulation systems to create the most realistic images.
  • Live link: Instantly synchronize changes and link directly to 3ds Max. Speed up setup and rendering, and transfer any changes made back to 3ds Max.
  • Chaos Cosmos: Integrated with Chaos’ V-Ray model library with hundreds of high-quality 3D architectural models and HDRI to organize 3D architectural models.

Why should Archviz Artists choose Chaos Vantage?

Optimize the workflow for individuals, teams or clients

  • Significantly improve the quality of previz animation images, support decision-making.
  • Allow V-Ray users to convert their projects into real-time experiences.
  • Edit directly and get instant feedback. From there, shorten changes during exchanges, improve the project’s storytelling, and speed up project completion.
  • Automatically synchronize user changes through live-link, accelerate setup and rendering, and allow changes to be returned to 3ds Max.

Optimize the Animation production process

  • Easily create high-quality draft animations/Walk-through/Recorded Camera/Final Animation.
  • Increase work and rendering speed by a minimum of 300%.
  • Render Animation with Chaos Vantage, you can send and render your 3Ds Max scene with motion to Chaos Vantage with just one click.

Add functionality to the user-selected DCC

  • Add necessary animation processing capabilities and allow better idea transmission.

Configuration Requirements

Here are the recommended specifications for using Chaos Vantage at least CPU i7, RTX 6GB V-ram graphics card, and 32GB of RAM

Basically, Vantage requires RTX graphics cards or higher.

In addition, the application proposes platforms that can be supported as below

  • Chaos Vantage works with .vrscene files extracted from V-Ray Next, V-Ray 5, and V-Ray 6.
  • Users should use V-Ray 5 or later for a better experience.
  • Chaos Vantage works with direct links from 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino, etc.

If you use Corona, you just need to convert your file to V-ray.

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